About Us

Fidarsanat Kara Company is principally engaged in the steel Industries and providing several kinds of metallur­gical materials, spare parts and technical services to steel mills and steel making factories.

The company was established since 2011 in Tehran and mainly active in various Specification & types of:

1)Graphite carbon materials: like Graphite Electrodes, Carbon/Graphite blocks for Blast Furnace& Aluminum Industry, Paste products& cokes.


2.1-Bulk Alloys like Ferro Chrome, Silicon Manganese, Ferro Manganese, and Ferro Silicon & Ferro Silicon Magnesium.

2.2- Noble Alloys  such as  Ferro Molybdenum ,Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Titanium ,Ferro Tungsten.

2.3- Master alloys   like Nickel, Chromium, Titanium and Tantalum.

3)Raw& Refractory Materials:

3.1-  Raw materials for refractory products such as sintered magnesia (DBM in various grades), Fused alumina, fused magnesia, alumina, bauxite, and natural flake graphite.

3.2- Refractory products for steel industries:

3.2.a-   Unshaped  refractory materials :  includes all kinds of refractory  materials like :Magnesia and alumina based, hot and Cold Repair of banks, launders / slag doors area Patching, gunning & kinds of mortars 

3.2.b-  Shaped refractory materials:

includes pre-cast and cured shapes based

on High Alumina, Magnesia and Silicon Carbide raw materials like Stream Guides, Wirers, Dams,Purging Beams,Impact Pads, Well Blocks for Steel Industry, and all special shapes Suitable for steel industries. Company Capabilities: Due

to the declared field of activity, it has the ability to meet

the requirements of our esteemed customers in foreign and rails currency,, and since the company has offices in Dusseldorf, Germany, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Shanghai China,it is able to deliver The initial requirements under terms of FOB any foreign ports, CFR any ports of Iran and DDP at our customer warehouse.